Microscopes are instruments for obtaining an enlarged image of a small object. They are equipped with a lens and an eyepiece that allows the object to be observed with the naked eye. Microscopes are used for centering, adjustment and measurement.

The main advantages are durability, reliability and low purchase cost.

N°: MA 116-110


  • Real picture.
  • Observation angle 90°.
  • Aluminum tube Ø25 h7 x 110mm included.
  • Wide choice of reticles available.
  • Different interchangeable lenses to choose from.
  • Standard magnification from 10X to 100X.
  • Storage case available upon request.
  • Weight approx. 240g.

Other reticles to choose from


Goniometer MA 129

Variant "G"



Steel tube Ø25 h5


Lens Ø25




LED incident Illuminators

MA 114a-08


LED incident Illuminators

MA 212-95


90° prism

MA 123


Parallel support

MA 567-58


Perpendicular support

MA 567-61


Geared drive

MA 153-5-009


Quick-displacement column

MA 331-S1


Quick-displacement column

MA 333-S1


Parallel positioning on chuck mount

MA 110-2-021


Perpendicular positioning on chuck mount

MA 110-2-022


Positioning 3 axis 50x100mm

MA 159-012-01 / 11


Positioning 3 axis 100x150mm

MA 159-012-05 / 15


2D layout

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3D files (step)