Recto Verso   -   boxes and dials

This machine, ideal for the watch platen, makes it possible to measure the face of a part with its reference on its opposite face. This versatile device allows fast and reliable optical measurement on different visual fields. This enclosed version integrates all the electronics necessary for its operation. The legs are adjustable in height from a sitting position to an upright position of the operator.

Optimum   -   for all components

Versatile measuring machine for fast and reliable optical measurement on different fields of vision. This enclosed version incorporates the lighting controls, thus offering a small footprint.

TitanVIEW   -   dials

This telecentric video measuring device makes it possible to quickly measure parts in the visual field. Its telecentricity at the level of the optics and its backlighting generate an image with particularly sharp edges even for a cylinder seen from the side. With its 230mm diameter base, this machine is one of the most compact on the market. The platform allows the implementation of many fittings.