(for wide angle microscopes)
Microscopes MA 130 W and MA 130 GW are usually delivered with the reticle R 2-1-4-2. The reticules illustrated below are also available. These reticles are not interchangeable. Other reticle versions are available according to your specifications. However, a contribution to the cost of preparing the new original will incure.

38 circles

R 2-1-4-2

17 circles

R 7

12x12 divisions

R 3-4W

90° divisions

R 9a

30° divisions

R 13-3W

200 divisions

R-M 4

200 divisions

R-M 5

The table shows you the space between 2 lines of the division or 2 circles for each given magnification. Practical divisions can be obtained for other reticles, by adapting the magnification.