Projection head

The projections heads are optical instruments which make it possible to check, by comparison or by measurement, the precision of the shapes of parts or the offset relative to a reference by projecting their enlarged image onto a screen. Our projection heads are available with incident "E" (surface examination) and transmitted "D" (profile, contour) illuminators.

N°: MA 250-110


  • Magnification 10-100X.
  • Ø250mm screen "E".
  • Observation angle 80° / 90° / 100° / 120°.
  • Simple attachment with tube (Ø25 or Ø30mm).

    Other attachment available upon request.

  • Real image.
  • Weight approx. 10kg.



Other screens to choose from

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Comparison templates

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90° elbow

MA ...C



Halogen transmitted illuminator

MA 212-18


Halogen transmitted illuminator

MA 212-19b


Halogen transmitted illuminator

MA 212-19bV


Halogen incident illuminator

MA 213-4V


Halogen incident illuminator

MA 213-13V-100W


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