Optimum GL 150M

Video measuring system

Thanks to its three motorized axis XYZ, this versatile machine allows a systematic control of the components using the programming of the displacements and this on different visual fields. This enclosed version integrates all controls on a front panel for optimal ergonomics. The Z-axis is mounted on a granite column which provides high rigidity.
This version includes a 3D scanner allowing depth measurements without contact with the part, at a precision of 0.001mm.

N°: MA 185-304-16


  • Granit base.
  • Motorized X-Y table MA 145-25, range 150 x 70 mm.

    Heidenhain measuring scales.

    Mechanical precision 0.005mm / 100mm.

  • Motorized granit column, range 200mm.

    Heidenhain measuring scales.

    Mechanical precision 0.010mm / 100mm.

  • 12X zoom-optic with 8 indexes.
  • 3D scanner:

    Field of view 1.6x1.2mm.

    Field depth 0.8mm.

    Resolution: X 0.0024mm, Y 0.0002mm.

    Measuring time 4 secondes.

  • 24" screen (VideoCAD) & 28" screen (VideoSCAN).
  • 1.3 Mpx USB 3.0 color camera.
  • LED illuminators.
  • Measuring and comparison software.
  • Glass chromium deposit calibration ruler.


Vertical measurement software




Measuring and comparison software

Videocad EVO


No variant available for this item



Concentricity measuring tool

for T-slot

MA 145-003-02



Concentricity control for T-slot

MA 145r



Manual divider for T-slot

MA 145d



±15° rotating between centers

clamping bracket for T-slot

MA 145a



Between centers clamping bracket

for T-slot

MA 145a-003-00



Crocodile-pliers for T-slot

MA 145b



Clamp with parallel jaws for T-slot

MA 145b-001



Collet holder for T-slot

MA 145bZ



V-block with spring clip for T-slot

MA 145c



Prism with clamping flange for T-slot

MA 145e



Crocodile-pliers on round support

MA 143-010-01



Clamp with parallel jaws on round support

MA 143-010-02



Collet holder on round support

MA 143-010-03



V-block with spring clip on round support

MA 143-010-04



Vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-004



Adjustable vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-005



Aluminum rotary table with graduation

MA 145-16-70G



Aluminum rotary table

MA 145-16-70


2D layout