OpenSYS 150

Video measuring system

Versatile measuring machine for fast and reliable optical measurement on different fields of view.

N°: MA 185-021-48


  • Granit base.
  • Manual X-Y table MA 145-15,

    Range 150 x 70 mm with clutches.

    Heidenhain measuring scales.

    Mechanical precision 0.003mm / 100mm.

  • Manual precision column, range 150mm.

    Mechanical precision 0.030mm / 100mm.

  • 12X zoom-optic with 8 indexes.
  • 1.3 Mpx USB 3.0 color camera.
  • 24" screen.
  • LED ring light.
  • Computer with monitor.
  • Measuring and comparison software.
  • Glass chromium deposit calibration ruler.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 550x440x550mm.
  • Weight: 53kg.

Measuring and comparison software

Videocad EVO


Measuring software



Measuring and comparison software



Measuring software



Measuring software



Video software



Video software



Video software



Measuring software




Digital calculator QC200




Digital calculator M1




Concentricity measuring tool

for T-slot

MA 145-003-02



Concentricity control for T-slot

MA 145r



Manual divider for T-slot

MA 145d



±15° rotating between centers

clamping bracket for T-slot

MA 145a



Between centers clamping bracket

for T-slot

MA 145a-003-00



Crocodile-pliers for T-slot

MA 145b



Clamp with parallel jaws for T-slot

MA 145b-001



Collet holder for T-slot

MA 145bZ



V-block with spring clip for T-slot

MA 145c



Prism with clamping flange for T-slot

MA 145e



Crocodile-pliers on round support

MA 143-010-01



Clamp with parallel jaws on round support

MA 143-010-02



Collet holder on round support

MA 143-010-03



V-block with spring clip on round support

MA 143-010-04



Vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-004



Adjustable vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-005



Cast iron rotary table with graduation

MA 145-15-70G



Aluminum rotary table with graduation

MA 145-16-70G



Aluminum rotary table

MA 145-16-70



Digital ruler Z-axis

MA 461-170-02



Ø40mm diaphragm for

transmitted illuminator




2D Layout

User's manual (system)

User's Manual (illuminators)