OpenPRO 150

Measuring projector

This analog system allows measurements to be made by projecting edges (live shadows).

N°: MA 175-250-004


  • Cast iron base with integrated power supplies.
  • Manual X-Ytable MA 145-15,

    range 150 x 70 mm with clutches.

  • Heidenhain measuring scales.

    Mechanical precision 0.003mm / 100mm.

  • Manual precision column, range 150mm.

    Mechanical precision 0.03mm / 100mm.

  • The digital calculator QC 200 measures the X and Y coordinates.

    Reading resolution 0.001mm.

  • Projector MA 240 G with Ø 250mm screen.
  • Ventilated incident halogen illuminator.


Projection head for removable screens

MA 240GP



Concentricity measuring tool

for T-slot

MA 145-003-02



Concentricity control for T-slot

MA 145r



Manual divider for T-slot

MA 145d



±15° rotating between centers

clamping bracket for T-slot

MA 145a



Between centers clamping bracket

for T-slot

MA 145a-003-00



Crocodile-pliers for T-slot

MA 145b



Clamp with parallel jaws for T-slot

MA 145b-001



Collet holder for T-slot

MA 145bZ



V-block with spring clip for T-slot

MA 145c



Prism with clamping flange for T-slot

MA 145e



Crocodile-pliers on round support

MA 143-010-01



Clamp with parallel jaws on round support

MA 143-010-02



Collet holder on round support

MA 143-010-03



V-block with spring clip on round support

MA 143-010-04



Vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-004



Adjustable vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-005



Cast iron rotary table with graduation

MA 145-15-70G



Aluminum rotary table with graduation

MA 145-16-70G



Aluminum rotary table

MA 145-16-70



Digital ruler Z-axis

MA 461-170-02


Flyer (system)

Flyer (projector)

Flyer (QC200)

User's manual

2D layout