Video control device

This telecentric video measuring device makes it possible to quickly measure parts in the visual field. Its telecentricity at the level of optics and transmitted illuminator generates an image with particularly sharp edges even for a cylinder seen from the side. With its 230mm diameter base, this machine is one of the most compact on the market. The platform allows the implementation of many fittings.

N°: MA 152-244-29


  • Aluminum base with integrated illuminators' power unit.
  • Manual column, clearance range 240mm.
  • 8X optical zoom with 4 indexes.
  • 4.9 Mpx USB 3.0 color camera.
  • LED circular light.
  • 24" monitor with integrated computer "All In One".
  • Measurement and comparison software
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 230x287x720mm.
  • Weight: 15kg.

Measurement and comparison software





MA 153-043-03



Concentricity measuring tool

MA 152-244-81



X-Y table 50x50

MA 152-244-82



Concentricity control

MA 152-244-83



Manual divider

MA 152-244-84



Motorized concentricity control

MA 152-244-88



Sliding tray

MA 690-027



Crocodile-pliers on round support

MA 143-010-01



Clamp with parallel jaws on round support

MA 143-010-02



Collet holder on round support

MA 143-010-03



V-block with spring clip on round support

MA 143-010-04



Vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-004



Adjustable vice (capacity 15mm)

MA 143b-005



2D layout

User's manual